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We are ready to help you to solve electric and electronics problems on board your vessels.

ATB Antiba BV, The Netherlands


Bernhard Schulte LTD, Germany


CMA CGM London, UK


Dannebrog Rederi AS, Denmark


E.R. Schiffahrt, Germany


Green Reefers, Poland


Meridian Marine Ltd, UK


Midocean (IOM) Ltd., Isle of Man


Peter Doehle Schiffahrts, Germany


Red River Shipping, USA


Rickmers, Germany


Star Reefers, Poland



Our employees are highly qualified electronics engineers. Electronics is not only our job, it is also our hobby. We are open-minded, and cope with problems, where other service teams gave up or suggested only to replace the faulty equipment by a new one. With over 22 years’ experience we are still a young company but we hope to increase our activities and broaden our scope in the near future. That is why we are interested in establishing co-operation ties with your company. We have been collaborating with several shipping companies and can promise you unrivalled service in matters of expertise, quality and price.




Contact person:

Mr Michael Tarasiejski

Mobile phone: +48 501 509 709 (AOH)

Our new address (since January 16th, 2012):


Marcontrel Ltd.

ul. Modra 77

71-220 Szczecin



Phone: +48 91 886 1 884 (Monday-Friday 8am-4pm)

Fax: +48 91 4 888 475

E-mail: office@marcontrel.com




 Riding squads – emergency or planned repairs worldwide.


 Main Engines and Auxiliary Engines automation, electronic control and monitoring systems repair and modification (printed cards repair and calibration), especially Microcentralog, Autronica, AMT, Vista, oil mist detectors.


Ship’s machinery automation and electronic control system repair and calibration.


Electric cargo cranes automation and electronic control system repair and calibration, especially Brissonneau & Lotz Marine equipments (BLM).


Fire alarm and monitoring systems repair, calibration and modification, especially old-fashioned systems.


 Cathodic protection system repair.


Ballast / fuel tanks level monitoring systems repair (such as bargraph indicators, ballast sensors etc.).


 NMEA acquisition system manufacturing.


 Ship’s telephone systems repair and modification.


 Designing and manufacturing replacement for electronic cards.


 Boilers electronic control system repair and calibration.


 Bridge equipment such as echosounders, courserecorders, wind indicator repair, calibration and modification (except radars).


 Ship’s paging systems repair, programming and modification.


 VHF/UHF transceivers and communication devices repair and calibration.


 Spare parts & equipment supplies worldwide.


 Custom-made electronic devices.